The Studio

The studio has been professionally designed & built for reliability and performance. To make great sounding records you need to start with a great sounding room, achieved here through careful design together with a liberal helping of luck - something of a triumph. While it is also possible, given enough time, to make perfectly acceptable recordings using a modicum of gear, there is no real substitute to the quality offered by top class recording equipment. The live room is light and clean, allowing you to concentrate on what's most important! Special attention to detail at every stage of construction ensures there’s no tripping over dodgy cables gaffer-taped to the light fittings. Our control room speakers are among the best available, ensuring precise monitoring and an accurate mix, supported by the superb acoustics at the listening position. This area can comfortably fit the whole band during overdubbing and mixdown, and our special ’chillout’ green room (more pink than green actually) provides the necessary refreshment and relief facilities, including modest kitchen, sky TV, Sony PS2 etc. and, of course the legendary pinball machine -"Chalk up partner and shoot for the ramp!"

Control roomLive Room Features

Control Room Features

All equipment is presented at the patchbay to save time in set-up, the convenient layout produces an efficient working process and all connections are fully balanced and run along top quality OFC cables. Mains distribution uses a star earthing system, with separate clean audio, clean computer and several dirty supplies. On the less technical side, there is permanent visual contact with both the live room and vocal booth, and on a more practical note there is another beer fridge.


Mixing Desk:

DDA AMR24-92 Input Custom Console fitted with Audiomate Flying Faders


2x Alesis HD24XR (48 track @24bit/96Khz)
4x ADAT XT (32 track @20bit/48Khz) + BRC


Lexicon pcm70, pcm81, pcm90, mpx220
Focusrite ISA 220 Session Pack, Voicemaster, Penta
Focusrite Red3, Red7
TL Audio C-1
Yamaha SPX-90
2x Antares autotune
Aphex exciter
BBE Sonic Maximiser
2x Susan Blue DI box
Line 6 guitar POD
Alesis Midiverb, Microverb, Quadraverb+ 3630
2x Drawmer LX20
Other Assorted compression by DBX and Behringer
Various noisegates, expanders, eq, delay, guitar stomp boxes etc by Behringer, Alesis, Roland, Boss and the like.


Neumann 2x U87, 2x U89, 2x KM184
Electrovoice RE20
AKG Solidtube, C3000, 2x C1000 etc
Shure 3x SM57, 3x Beta57, 3x SM58
8x Audio Technica condensers
4x Oktava large diaphragm
2x PZM, 2x C-Ducer
Plus an interesting collection of vintage and not so vintage ribbon and valve mics

Main Studio monitors: Tannoy DMT System 15" Dual Concentric, driven by Bryston 4B amp
Nearfield Monitors: Mackie HR824, Yamaha NS10s, driven by Harrison + Cambridge amps
Live Room Monitors:

Tannoy 10" Dual Concentrics, driven by Rotel amp

Headphone Distribution:

MTR HPA-6, Oz Audio Q-mix

Cans: Beyer-Dynamic 4x DT-100, 2x DT-150, DT-250, Sony, AKG, Ross, Aiwa(!)
Mastering: Sony MD, CD, MC, HD, Tascam BR-20 1/4inch


Yamaha P90 Piano. Premier Fusion drumkit with Meinl cymbals and Sabian AAX ride, Guitars by Fender, Martin, Takamine. Banjo, mandolin, no-name precision bass, Yamaha DX11, assorted drum machines and percussion. Amps by Vox, Peavey, Marshall. 600w mixer/PA, 12 channel live desk

If you don't see something you need, give us a call, we may have one, or be able to get it in.


Going to put a brief history of the studio here- to expand some details about experience and kit.