Factory Road – The South’s Premier Recording Studio

Until we can meet properly, welcome to our website. The following pages have been put together to help you decide if you should come here to record your next project. While you’re here, have a browse and see if you like the place that we affectionately call ‘work’ as much as we do. Better still, give Rob a call to chat about your requirements, answer any questions, or even arrange a mini tour. That way you can really get a feeeel for the studio, and reassure yourself that this is the right environment for you.

Unlike many budget, project or home studios, Factory Rd has been carefully and professionally designed, from the ground up, to be what it is - a real recording studio. Much of our equipment is truly world class and can be found in top studios the world over (In fairness, a good chunk of our gear is kinda ordinary too, the sort of thing you’d hope to see in pretty much any studio - If the techy stuff is your thing, a gear listing can be found here) and hey, it seems we even share two thirds of our name with possibly the most famous studio in the world.

RobFactory Rd has embraced the ‘no compromise’ approach to design and specification comparable with larger studios that are so often out of reach, and married this with the dedication and personal touch offered by people that actually care. This means we can offer a range of services to suit almost any budget, while still producing the levels of professionalism with, perhaps more importantly, results previously unaffordable.

So, whether you're just starting out and need a demo to get your first gig, or cutting your next album on route to world domination, Factory Rd Studios could well be just perfect for you. Maybe you want a record just for yourself, to keep forever and one day play to your grandchildren, or perhaps your voice on a cd as a pressie for someone special. Whatever your reasons you can always be sure of a warm welcome, helpful attitude and relaxed atmosphere. So with a little help from us, come and see what you can do.

Give us call if you would like to know more about us, or to discuss your requirements